Ulva Ferry Community Bus

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About Us

In April 2013, a Community Plan for the Ulva Ferry area was produced following an extensive consultation with the local community.

After the need for affordable housing, the need for community transport was highlighted as the second highest priority for development in the area as there has been no public transport available since the demise of the Post Bus more than a decade ago.

With the support of the BIG Lottery Investing in Ideas fund, a feasibility study and business plan was produced. The study concluded that a community minibus scheme was the most appropriate solution for Ulva Ferry.

Consequently USCA and MICT applied for capital funding of £38,341 from the Scottish Government’s Community Transport Vehicle Fund in early 2014 to purchase a new minibus on behalf of the Ulva Ferry community. This application was successful and the brand new hybrid diesel/electric minibus which has the capacity for nine passengers, one wheelchair user plus a driver has been purchased and is now being used to operate a community transport service under a section 19 permit since July 2014.


Our Aim

The Ulva Ferry Community Bus exists to provide an affordable and accessible community transport service to the residents of the Ulva Ferry area on Mull.

By using our bus, you are helping to sustain a much needed lifeline to residents in this beautiful, but geographically isolated community.

This service is being run in partnership between the Ulva School Community Association (USCA) and the Mull and Iona Community Trust (MICT).

You can find out more about USCA by clicking here.

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