Ulva Ferry Community Bus

Tel:07775531301 email: info@ufcb.org.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book the bus?
To enquire about booking the bus for a trip or to see if there is room on an already arranged trip you just ring on 07775531301 or email by clicking here.

Why do I need to pay?
We need to cover fuel, maintenance and insurance costs. There is also the need to accumulate a repairs and replacement capital fund to eventually replace this bus.

Can anyone use the minibus?
Anyone can use the scheduled service, providing they book it.

Outside of the scheduled service anyone on Mull and Iona can use the community bus to / from the Ulva ferry area, although residents in the Ulva Ferry area take priority.

Additionally, if someone needs the wheelchair lift or for other reasons is unable to use public transport then they can also use the bus.

The minibus (with driver) are also available for hire to individuals and not for profit organisations. Under the terms of our insurance, it cannot be hired by commercial organisations.

What would my organisation have to pay?
The exact amount would depend on a number of factors so it is best to just get in touch for a quote.

Can the minibus be taken off island?
Yes, by prior arrangement. Hirers will be responsible for all ferry fares and bookings.




Our Vehicle

The Community Bus is a hybrid vehicle to reduce running costs and environmental impact.

The bus has 9 seats (all with seatbelts) and also has a wheelchair lift and anchorage system.

If after reading this page you would like to enquire about hiring the bus do please get in touch.